Musical Talents


Liturgical musicians provide a very important service to the People of God assembled to give praise and worship to the Lord. Through the exercise of their musical talents, they add the element of song to the spoken word and contribute the non-verbal communication of musical expression to the Sacred Liturgy. As such, it is the primary task of liturgical musicians to encourage the active participation of the People of God in the sacred rites, assisting them to lift their emotions to the Lord by means of their voice from an appropriate interior disposition and to find exterior expression in harmony and melodious song.


All those who wish to participate in the sacred music program of a parish or institution of the Diocese of Bridgeport, including salaried employees, volunteers or those hired per diem, must fulfill certain requirements. These include:

  • Being a baptized Christian; (i.e., an exception can be made by any pastor if there is genuine lack of availability of competent musicians to assist in the celebration of the liturgy)
  • Being a Catholic, they should seek to lead a life of Christian faith and prayer;
  • Possessing a desire and willingness to learn liturgical music, including a proper awareness of the nature of sacred music, of the purpose of musical expression in the rites and prayers, and a familiarity with the liturgy of the Roman Rite;
  • Being in full compliance with the norms of the Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Bridgeport.

All liturgical musicians, both salaried employees and volunteers, must successfully complete the appropriate formation requirements of the Diocese of Bridgeport to function as liturgical musicians in their respective parishes and institutions.

Formation Process

Each candidate for this important ministry is to adhere to this formation process, as outlined in the Norms Governing the Liturgical Ministries.

  1. Submit an application to The Institute for Catholic Formation. This application can be downloaded here.
  2. Participate in required formation:
    1. Attend one face-to-face formation session in advance of receiving the authorization to serve (see list and links below)
    2. Enroll in the online formation and complete the assigned tasks within LEAD, the online learning portal of The Institute for Catholic Formation. (Please note: Online access is not granted until the face-to-face formation is complete. Also, for those with limited computer access, offline formation workbooks are available).
  3. Upon completion of the required formation, each candidate will be given a letter of authorization by the Bishop which will allow him or her to serve in their respective parishes for a period of three years.

If your parish would like to host a face-to-face session, please email The Institute for Catholic Formation.

Formation for New Readers, EMHCs, and Musicians Events


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