Registering for LearnAmp

Registering for LEAD is quick and easy.

Scroll down to see all the steps for registration outlined below.

When you are finished checking out this tutorial, you can access this online registration form.

ONE – Choose your title and enter your first and last name.

TWO – Choose your parish by clicking on the drop-down menu. You may need to scroll down through the list to find yours. Then enter your email address and check the ministries in which you currently serve. A set of requirements will pop up; if you meet these requirements, check the box marked “I attest that I meet these requirements“. Then click “Submit Form

THREE – You will see this notification. Simply click the “Access the Leadership Institute” link to continue.

FOUR – Ensure that your first and last name are correct. Uploading a photo is optional. Create a password, click the “I agree…” box, then click “Save“.

FIVE – You’re done! You should now see tasks and events pertaining to your chosen ministry (or ministries), something like this:



Now, begin with the online registration form.