Black Catholic History

Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
Did you know that two young African Christian women and three companions were thrown to wild animals and killed for their faith at Carthage in the year 203? St. Perpetua,… Read More
Saint Maurice
Did you know that the patron saint of southern Germany and parts of France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, is a man of African origin? He is Saint Maurice of Aganaum,… Read More
Saint Paul
Did you know that the New Testament of the Bible speaks of “Simon from Cyrene,” which is located in Africa, carrying the cross of Jesus, in the Gospel according to… Read More
Mother Henriette Delille
Did you know that the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is among three African American candidates for sainthood in the Catholic Church?… Read More
Saint Monica
Did you know that perhaps no mother, other than the Virgin Mary herself, is considered to have had so much influence on the early Catholic Christian Church, as Monica of… Read More
Saint Martín de Porres
Did you know that the only saint, of African origin, in the Western Hemisphere to date, is Saint Martín de Porres of Lima, Peru? He was born in 1579, as… Read More
Saints Victor, Melchiades, Gelasius
Did you know that among the 265 popes of the Catholic Church, between Saint Peter and the current pope Benedict the XVI, are three popes know to be of African… Read More
Saints Julian and Basilissa
Did you know that married lay people can become saints? Saints Julian and Basilissa, though married, lived in chastity by mutual consent about 304, in Antioch during the reign of… Read More