How to become a Reader at Mass


The term “reader” refers to any member of the faithful or any person in religious or consecrated life who has been deputed – in the absence of an instituted Lector – to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture at Mass, except the Gospel. At Masses without a deacon, a reader also announces the intentions during the Universal Prayer of the Faithful. Readers also may be employed to make parish announcements, typically before Mass or following the Prayer after Communion. “If there is no singing at the Entrance or at Communion and the antiphons given in the Missal are not recited by the faithful, the reader may read them at the appropriate time.”


Only those persons who are selected by their respective pastor or chaplain and fulfill the requirements mandated by the law of the Church are eligible to serve as readers in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Those requirements include:

  • Being of at least 16 years old;
  • Being a fully-initiated Catholic Christian who has been Confirmed and has already received the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist
  • Being of good moral character
  • Not being bound by any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared;
  • Demonstrating a genuine reverence and respect for the Most Blessed Sacrament;
  • If married, being in a valid marriage according to the prescriptions of the current Code of Canon Law;
  • Being in full compliance with the norms of the Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Bridgeport.

Formation Process

Our formation is administered on our learning management system, LEAD.


Formation for New Readers, EMHCs, and Musicians Events


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