True Love That Lasts

Ongoing formation for married couples

What if you could grow the enjoyment and love between you and your spouse by asking one simple question each day? Join the True Love That Lasts Movement and enjoy its benefits - each and every day.

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We are...

Engaged or newly married

Happily married for some time

Married and in need

Separated or divorced

Just getting started? Starting a life together can be challenging. What if there was a way that you could start today making sure those challenges were not overwhelming?

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Most smart people realize that even when life is going well, its might be possible to make them even better. Check out how these resources can help support your marriage.

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If there are issues in your marriage that need attention, consider these resources as a means of getting back on track and renewing the joy you has once upon a time.

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Unfortunately, sometimes relationships don't work. We have attempted to put together information that will help start or continue the healing process and connect you with those on a similar journey.

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Pope Francis is clear: marriage cannot be improvised. A good marriage takes commitment and hard work. By asking one question a day, husbands and wives work together to build a relationship that endures. I invite couples of all ages to take up Jim and Carol Steffen's challenge of growing true love that lasts.
—  Bishop Frank Caggiano

True Love That Lasts Movement

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Episode One: Introduction

Pope Francis warns, “The family is in crisis!”

Bishop Caggiano invites couples of all ages and experience to use the one question a day of the True Love That Lasts Movement to grow a stronger relationship and a happier marriage to keep their family out of this crisis.
This less-than-6-minute video will give you the amazingly simple details.

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True Love That Lasts Webinar Series

Read the book. Join the movement.

This five-week webinar series will help couples of all marital experiences.  Its for you if you are to be married, just married, happily married, unhappily married, separated or divorced to enjoy all the benefits of the True Love That Lasts Movement.  It especially focuses on helping couples grow the enjoyment and love of their spouse – even daily.

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