Marriage Formation Reimagined

Virtual formation continues for those who wish to join a Zoom class in August. The online course will launch in late August 2020. Please read on for more information and to check out the great resources we have to offer as you prepare for a life together.

en español

Our new program will debut soon!

This shift allows us to better accompany couples in their journey towards marriage and offers couples the opportunity to work at their own pace. Evaluations over the last few years have shown that couples appreciate the one day of preparation for its efficiency but are left wanting more because but of its fast pace and exclusion of some materials.

Marriage formation will happen in four parts:

Part One - An Introduction to the Sacrament of Marriage 

This is a one-hour gathering to introduce couples to the marriage formation process and provide an understanding of the sacrament of marriage. For the foreseeable future, these meetings will take place online. When advised that it is safe to gather in large groups, couples will be able to participate in the introductory meeting either in person or virtually. Sessions will be held once per month and couples will select which session they wish to attend when they register. 

Part Two - Online Content

Following the introductory meeting, couples will use LEAD, the online learning platform for The Leadership Institute, to complete the rest of their formation. The diocese will continue to use the Unveiled videos and instructional material we currently use, but it will be distributed via The Institute’s online portal. Couples will work through this material at their leisure, but must complete this portion of the program within 90 days of beginning. It is strongly recommended that couples complete this part of formation no less than two months prior their wedding. Formation online will be in English and Spanish.

Part Three - Assignment and Review

When couples have finished with the online content, they will be asked to meet again with their mentor couple or share a simple assignment with them through the online portal. Once the mentors have marked the couple’s formation as complete in LEAD, the system will automatically generate their certificate of completion which they can give to the priest or deacon who is officiating their wedding. 

Part Four - Meeting with Clergy

The final step in marriage formation is the meeting between the couple and the clergyman officiating their wedding. Though couples will likely meet with clergy ahead of enrolling in the diocesan program, we are strongly recommending that an additional meeting take place following the completion of the diocesan formation.

Existing Marriage Prep Classes

Until the new formation portal opens, please consider joining one of the upcoming Zoom classes.