Parish Leader Check In #1

Parish Leader Check In #1
August 18, 2020
Welcome to Fall 2020 and all the craziness it will entail. These meetings are for parish catechetical leaders in hopes to stay connected, pray together, and share ideas that work for our families and our shared ministry.

This first call will focus on the plans for Fall 2020, specifically:
  1. Do you have a plan in place according to the “Always Connected” Framework?
  2. Do you have an option in place for those parents who are not comfortable sending their children back? If not, is there another local parish where the child could go for remote learning?
  3. Overview of survey pastors will receive from Bishop Caggiano when they meet next week.
    1. Confirmation
    2. Retreat ideas
    3. Plans for service requirements
    4. Creative ideas for remote learning

About Our Virtual Meetings
This gathering is a virtual meeting hosted by Zoom. The link below will take you directly to the live webinar. You may be asked to download Zoom. Please click on the link a few minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

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If you would like to join by phone, dial one of these numbers: 646-558-8656, 301-715-8592. 312-626-6799 or 669-900-6833 and enter the Meeting ID: 878 8455 9126 and, if asked, the Passcode: 952726

Please note: the link for all parish leader check ins will be the same.
Parish Leader Check In #1
August 18, 2020