True Love That Lasts - Session One

True Love That Lasts - Session One
February 11, 2021
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This five-week webinar series will help couples of all marital experiences.  Its for you if you are to be married, just married, happily married, unhappily married, separated or divorced to enjoy all the benefits of the True Love That Lasts Movement.  It especially focuses on helping couples grow the enjoyment and love of their spouse – even daily.

About the Webinar Series and Co-author                                                         

In participating in the weekly discussion of their book – The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts – you’ll discover many practical hints and tips to especially grow the enjoyment and love of your spouse – even daily.  The webinar will be guided by co-author Dr. Jim Steffen. He likes to be called Coach Jim.  He has over forty years’ experience helping people in over 160 Fortune 500 Companies become the person they really want to be.

The series will be held on Thursday, February 11, 18, 25 and March 4 and 11.  When you register, you will be given the choice of 2:00 – 3:30 pm  or 7:00 - 8:30 pm sessions.  Also, you’ll be give instructions how to get the book and Habit Builder that will help you enjoy these tips and hints for a lifetime.

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About the True Love That Lasts Movement

Inspired by Pope Francis

Pope Francis is concerned with the world wide crisis of the family.  When speaking about the media, he said:

“Don’t they (the media) realize that the family, all over the world, is in crisis?

And the family is the basis of society! Don’t they realize that young people don’t want to get married?”

Encouraged by Bishop Caggiano

In Bishop Caggiano’s endorsement of The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts book, he said:

“Pope Francis is clear; marriage cannot be improved.  A good marriage takes commitment and hard work.

“In their book, Jim and Carol Steffen outline a very simple recipe for a strong, healthy marriage.  By asking one question a day, husbands and wives can work together to build a relationship that endures.  I invite couples of all ages and experiences to take up Jim and Carol’s challenge of growing true love that lasts using the one question a day.”
True Love That Lasts - Session One
February 11, 2021