Formation for High School Students

The revised norms are now in effect. If you work with high school students (or other students under 18) in your parish or school, please follow these guidelines to complete formation. 

  1. Set up a time for your student readers and EMHCs to meet (separate times are better).
  2. Download the handouts below and distribute them ahead of time.
  3. When you gather, use the links below to launch formation for the groups. Watch the videos together and then work through the "Explore the Sanctuary/Altar" components together. There is one group activity.
  4. Direct the students to the quiz when your face-to-face gathering concludes. The quizzes are to be taken on personal electronic devices. There is nothing you need to do for the quiz.
  5. Submit the Request for Mandate for High School Students to the Institute.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Patrick Donovan via email.

Handouts for EMHCs

Please download and distribute prior to your meeting. All those who are under 18 should participate in this formation if they are serving as EMHCs in the Diocese of Bridgeport.


Handouts for Readers

Please download and distribute prior to your meeting. Please note, if you have students who only read once in a while, formation in this format is not required. If you are in a parish and use readers under 18 on a regular basis, this formation is required.


Gathered Sessions - Readers

After your group of readers has had a chance to read the handouts, click the link below to begin your face-to-face session.

Readers Session

Gathered Session EMHC

After your group of Extraordinary Ministers has had a chance to read the handouts, click the link below to begin your face-to-face session.

EMHC Session

To Complete Formation

There is a link to the quiz is in the formation session above. If you did not see it, you likely did not complete the formation correctly. 

Ask each young person to complete the quiz. It can be done on their smartphones and is accessible via the link or the QR code provided. All the young people have to do is point their smartphone camera at the QR code and the quiz will launch. 

The quiz will ask for name, parish or school, and then ask 10 questions per ministry. Please ensure your young people have a quiet place to work to complete the quiz. All results will be sent to The Institute for Catholic Formation.

After the young people are finished, complete the Request for Mandate form and submit it to The Institute for Catholic Formation via US Mail or via email. Please do not request a mandate for someone who has not completed formation.

Request Mandate for Students