Mourning During the Pandemic

A Guide to Celebrating Loved Ones Lost in the Midst of COVID-19

“Coming in from the cold of a bleak winter’s day is perhaps an analogy for the place that family members, neighbors and work colleagues, who have lost someone dear to them in the last 3 months, will find themselves.”

While this guide provides many options and choices for various aspects of Catholic funerals, none of these lists are meant to be exhaustive. Rather, they can provide a few options or serve as inspiration as you make decisions that best honor your loved one and their life. This document is intended for families who wish to gather in person or remotely to commemorate the life of someone they have lost. It provides a step by step guide for a prayer service families and loved ones can utilize.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Helping People Grieve
  2. Options for Opening Prayer
  3. Options for Music
  4. Options for Readings
  5. Options for Petitions
  6. Options for Closing Prayer

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