Dashing Through the Snow

This week’s Christmas film is a recent release.

After a bad childhood experience, Eddie is not a fan of the Christmas season. So when he helps a man dressed as Santa out of a chimney, he hardly believes the man’s claim that he actually is Santa. Being a social worker, Eddie is more inclined to believe the man is merely someone who needs psychological help, and decides to take him to the hospital.

But Eddie’s daughter, along for the ride, is more willing to believe the strange man is who he says he is, and is eager to help. And Santa will need it, as not only has he lost access to his reindeer and sleigh, he’s on the run from three criminals chasing him across town in search of something he has.

Dashing Through the Snow is a light-hearted family-friendly adventure. Similar to many Christmas movies featuring Santa, the film does present a more secular depiction of the holiday, but showcases the importance of faith, friends, and especially family. For example, one of the side plots, though it may be over the heads of younger viewers, involves Eddie and his wife being separated, but going to therapy to save their relationship, which is refreshing to see encouraged in a modern film. The film is rated PG, but does include some minor comic violence.

Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Rated PG
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