Dog Gone

Fresh out of college and not yet sure what to do with his life, Fielding Marshall finds the perfect companion in his new dog Gonker. But when Gonker gets lost chasing a fox in the mountains, Fielding is devastated, and he and his parents, who have also grown attached to the new family member, quickly vow to find the lost dog.

But to find his dog, Fielding will have to face some inner turmoil. He feels like a failure with his life’s lack of direction, and is worried that his parents are embarrassed of him. On top of that, something is bothering his stomach, and he’s secretly been avoiding eating anything.

Based on a true story (though updated to take place in modern times), Dog Gone is a feel-good drama that celebrates family and the virtue of never giving up hope.

This film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Rated PG
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