Here’s one more holiday film before Christmastide comes to an end this week.

Noelle (Anna Kendrick) is the daughter of Santa Claus, and loves the family Christmas business. After her father dies, her brother is set to become the new Santa, but he’s not at all up to the task. He’s clumsy with the reindeer, can’t tell if children are naughty or nice, and, worst of all, has no real desire to be Santa.

So when her brother disappears days before Christmas, it’s up to Noelle to venture outside the North Pole, find her brother, and prepare him for the big day before it’s too late.

Similar to Elf, Noelle is a whimsical family-friendly comedy with a positive message about the virtue of giving.

Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Rated G
IMDb Parents Guide
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