Singin’ in the Rain

Here’s a classic from the 50s that’s essential viewing for any movie lover.

It’s the 1920s, and movies with sound are the new innovation. But silent film star Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) isn’t so thrilled about it. Working with microphones on his new film proves to be an annoying challenge. It’s also hard for him to focus when he can’t stop thinking about the woman he met after the premiere of his last film. To no one’s surprise, the test screening for his new film, filled with sound problems, is a dismal failure.

After some brainstorming, Don becomes excited about the idea of reworking his new film as a musical. With the help of his friend and his new love interest, he’ll just need to figure out what to do about his co-star’s high-pitched voice and lack of singing talent.

Singin’ in the Rain is a family-friendly romantic comedy featuring a number of iconic song and dance numbers from Hollywood legends. While it perhaps doesn’t have anything profound to say thematically with its light-hearted plot, its charm lies in its period nostalgia and infectious music and choreography.

Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes
Rated G
100% on Rotten Tomatoes
USCCB rating: A-II
IMDb Parents Guide
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