The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Here’s a recently released animated film about the world’s most famous plumbers.

The Mario brothers are having a tough time with their new plumbing business. While trying to fix a water main leak in hopes of generating some positive press for their business, they stumble upon a “warp pipe” and soon find themselves transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, a wondrous world full of strange creatures and strange magic.

But all is not well in this magical world, as the evil Bowser is plotting to marry the princess, and threatening to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom if he doesn’t get his way. The monster must be stopped, and Mario is eager to help, but what can a failing plumber from another world possibly contribute to such a dangerous mission?

Capturing the colorful tone and whimsical spirit of Nintendo’s popular video game series, The Super Mario Bros. Movie offers a light-hearted family-friendly adventure that showcases the value of teamwork, especially the importance of encouraging and believing in each other.

Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Rated PG
USCCB Rating: A-II
IMDb Parents Guide
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