Family Formation at Home

From Palm Sunday to Pentecost

When the world closed down in 2020, we were forced to celebrate our faith in our homes – without our friends and without those with whom we worship each Sunday. We offer these resources, with readings from Year A in the lectionary, for your family to enjoy, to pray with, to sing along with as you journey towards Pentecost.

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Palm Sunday

John Angotti has a challenge for you and yours - even in the midst of COVID-19, let's find a way to reach out to those in need and share the Good News that Jesus is the King of Glory. Hosanna in the highest!

Domingo de Ramos

Nos preparamos a vivir el gran misterio pascual de la pasión, crucifixión, muerte y resurrección de Cristo. Espero que esta reflexión nos ayude a vivir la semana santa haciéndonos el interrogante que se hicieron los discípulos en la última cena cuando Jesús les informa que alguien entre ellos lo traicionará . ¿Acaso seré yo, Señor?

How well do you know Palm Sunday?

While you are enjoying this week's faith formation at home, try your hand at this week's Catequizem and see how well your family knows Palm Sunday?

Holy Thursday

Tony and Jose Melendez invites us to reflect on the First Eucharist and Jesus' command to wash the feet of others. Even with (only) a Spiritual Communion, surely we can find ways to "wash the feet" of those around us.

Lavando Los Pies

Después de la cena, Jesús tomó una jarra y un recipiente y comenzó a lavar los pies de los discípulos. ¿Cómo podemos celebrar este ritual en nuestros propios hogares?

How well do you know Holy Thursday?

Is the Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday? The end of Lent or the beginning of the Triduum? Check out what you think you know about this holy day with a special edition of the Catequizem.

Good Friday

Sarah Hart invites us to pray the Passion, venerate a cross we might have at home, and pray together on this holy day, this solemn day, this day of somber prayer, when we remember the sacrifice made on our behalf.

Viernes Santo

El Viernes Santo lo podemos definir en una sola palabra, que es la Cruz. En este Viernes Santo tenemos la oportunidad de asumir y abrazar esa palabra porque es la decisión más importante de nuestras vidas. Abracemos la Cruz y con ella a Jesús quien murió por nosotros.

How well do you know Good Friday?

What's the only day of the year when Mass is not celebrated? Did you guess Good Friday? Right! Check out what else you might know about this day of sacrifice.

Easter Sunday

Dom Quaglia and Sarah Kroger celebrate the victory of the empty tomb. He is not here. He has been raised. Even stuck at home, we are an Easter people and "Alleluia" is still our song!

Pascua de Resurrección

En esta celebración de Pascua, celebremos a nuestro Señor resucitado que venció a la muerte. ¡La tumba está vacía, cantamos aleluya!

How well do you know Easter?

Easter is so much more than the Easter bunny, right? Check out how much you know about this day of new life, resurrected joy, and universal salvation.

Divine Mercy Sunday

What do you know about the Divine Mercy? What do you know about St. Faustina? Let Steve Angrisano teach you a few things you might not know - and a prayer you are sure to come to love.

La Divina Misericordia

Manuel Bravo Jesus Team A "Jesus Te Ama" describe el origen de esta celebración y su desarrollo en la liturgia y da su testimonio de las bondades que Dios ofrece en nuestras vidas.

Third Sunday of Easter

There were on the road to nowhere when suddenly they were joined by Jesus. Only, like many of us, they missed him until he was gone. Join Cooper Ray to learn more about how our hearts burn within us as we come to know Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, let Paul J. Kim draw you in to the Sunday readings as you learn more about how this good shepherd can call you home, reconcile you with the Father, and bring you peace.

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Even after the Resurrection, the early followers had questions about Jesus and his teachings. They struggled and wondered and doubted, just like we do. This week, Pat Milea unpacks the Gospel message and challenges us to overcome our doubts with hope.

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus tell his followers that He will send an advocate, the Holy Spirit. He foretells Pentecost. This week, Tony and Jose Melendez challenge us to keep an eye out for the love of God in the unlikeliest of places.

Jesús les dice a sus seguidores que enviará un abogado, el Espíritu Santo. Él predice Pentecostés. Esta semana, Tony y José Meléndez nos desafían a estar atentos al amor de Dios en los lugares más improbables.

Seventh Sunday of Easter/Ascension

Come Holy Spirit! Join Steve Angrisano this week as he invites you to make your own upper room retreat as we head towards Pentecost Sunday.


Mikey Needleman wishes the Church a Happy Birthday as we celebrate Pentecost. How can we share the Good News with believers and non-believers alike? How can we be filled with the Holy Spirit?

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