We are a People of Hope and hope does not disappoint.

St. Paul reminds us that we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ...and this hope we have does not disappoint.

Join us as we gather, then, for a 31-day (virtual) formation event to learn more about your faith, find tips for raising faith-filled children, discuss how the pandemic has changed our Church, and much, much more.

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Throughout the month of May The Institute for Catholic Formation will be hosting a series of online workshops, keynotes, and webinars. These workshops will feature more than 70 topics from a wide array of speakers. All events will be held online and are free to attend. Preregistration is required for each week.

Special workshops for:

  • Parents
  • Catechists
  • Catholic school teachers
  • Parish staff
  • Faith formation leaders
  • Special needs ministry
  • Young adults
  • Youth ministry leaders

Workshops will be in English, Spanish,
or Vietnamese

Plus, everyone who registers will receive a
packet in the mail with prayer journal, prayer
cards, Rosary, and a free gift from the Institute.
Register early before these gifts run out.

Note, after day one, we found a better way to
register. Use the link below or simply sign in to 
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Full Schedule


Conference Schedule


Workshops for Week One

Every Family is Unique: Some Have Special Needs | Las Cinco Tareas de la Catequesis para Estudiantes Diversos | Trauma Informed Accompaniment | Why Do You Lead and Serve? | Parents seeking ways to engage their children in the faith | State of Religion and Young People 2022: Catholic Edition Report | Our Story Begins at Home; Parent Teaching our Children Religion | Culture, Identity, and Sexuality: Forming Teens for Authentic Freedom | General Directory for Catechesis Engaging Young People in God Talk | Crafting a Religious Identity | Threats to My Inner Peace | Unexpected Occasions of Faith | First Things First | Sacramentos para Todos | Writing Emails That Get Read


Workshops for Week Two

Five Tasks of Catechesis for Diverse Learners | Using Social Media Powers for Good | Best Practices for Baptism Formation | Are We Done Yet? | La familia a la luz del nuevo directorio para la catequesis | Middle School Formation: What Model Best Fits Your Parish? | Evangelizing in a Post Pandemic World | Sacraments for All | An introduction to Ignatian Prayer | La catequesis como acompañamiento | Ayudar a los adolescentes con ansiedad | How good Communication Can Improve Your Marriage | Becoming a Change Agent | Young People Today: Mental Wellness in the Age of Covid | Intro to Theology of the Body | Bringing Families Back to the Parish | Lectio Divina


Workshops for Week Three

Praying With The Psalms | Youth Ministry For A Post Pandemic World | Opening the Door Of Faith: Engaging Our Families | The Real Presence - Discovering Real Presence | Escuchando Bien | Using Scripture In Catechesis: Defending Our Young People From Fundamentalism And Atheism | Creating A Culture Of Hospitality, Welcome And Belonging | Get Unstuck In Ministry | Reimagining Confirmation For Middle School | Overview of the Bible | Using Scripture In Prayer | What Worries Me About A Post Christian World | Raising Faith Filled Children | Bite Size Catechesis | Orando Con La Biblia | Sensory Friendly Masses


Workshops for Week Four

Engaging The Disengaged | Fostering Communion | Creating A Parish That Welcomes | Start With Jesus: We The Missionary People | Three Habits Of Professional Lay Ministry | In The Religious Education Classroom With Persons With disAbilities | The Art Of Accompaniment | En El Salón De Educación Religiosa Con Personas Con disCapacidad | Usando Las Escrituras En La Oración Cada Familia Es Unica: Algunas Tienen Mayores Necesidades | Judo Listening | Intro to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


Speakers Include:

Charleen Katra | Kelsey Bell | Mike Carotta | Leisa Anslinger | Father Alejandro Lopez-Cardinale | Bishop Caggiano | Josh Packard, Ph.D. | John Collins | Colin Maciver | Dr. Joseph White | Bob McCarty | Father Jorge Obregon LC | Kathy Goller | Esther Garcia | Dave Laidlaw | Barbara Kielaszek | John Grosso | John Rinaldo | Katherine Angulo Valenzuela | Lia Salinas | Norma Rothschadl | Tom Quinlan | Dr. Karen Shields Wright | Hosffman Ospino | Ivan Diaz | Monica Ortega & Renzo Ortega | Nicholas Collura | Chris Miller | Father Ford | Juan Rodriguez | Robert Feduccia | John Angotti | Don Boucher | Timothy O'Malley | Bertha Peralta Rodriguez | Kevin Dowd | Jane Angha | Brenner LeCompte | Joe Paprocki | Amy McEntee | Marcos Gonzalez Villalba | Noelle Collis-De Vito | Paul Jarzembowski | Mark Mann | David O'Brian | Julianne Stanz | Christopher Wesley | Anna Barraza | Lisa Harrelson | Mike Patin

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