Personal Consecration

January 9 – February 11, 2024

To Jesus through Mary: Join us as we encourage all young people in the Diocese of Bridgeport to spend thirty-three days in prayer, after which they will consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.

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What happens?

The Consecration journey will consist of 33 consecutive days of readings and prayers followed on the 34th day with a Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Each day, all families in our Catholic schools and parish faith formation programs will receive an email with a brief prayer and a video your family might choose to watch as an educational opportunity.

On the 34th day, you will receive a certificate that you can complete.

What is a Consecration?

Simply put, to consecrate something means to make it holy. Just like a table becomes a holy altar, we, too, can consecrate ourselves for holy purposes. The Church encourages us to undertake such a personal dedication to God. In this process, we commit our complete lives to living in service of the Lord. We entrust our thoughts, words and deeds – in fact, our total being – to God’s will for us in building up his kingdom. St. John Paul II chose as his personal motto a phrase from St. Louis de Montfort’s book True Devotion to Mary: Totus Tuus, which means “Totally Yours.” This is a perfect way to define the act of consecration, of giving ourselves completely to Christ.

What is required?

Consecration can be done with others in small groups or on your own. It takes a bit of discipline, as the preparation period is usually 33 days leading up to a special feast day. Each day, you set aside some time for guided prayer and reflection that helps you think more deeply about your faith and strengthen your relationship with God. To culminate the process, you usually are asked to consecrate yourself by going to Mass and confession.

Why participate?

This Consecration journey to Jesus through Mary is the request we make to Mary to bring a soul entrusted to her under her mantle of protection. The soul brings all it has—past, present and future—to be placed at the disposal of Mary. In turn Our Lady takes the soul by the hand and guides it to its true home in Heaven while cultivating a multitude of fruits.

The Consecration is one with an ultimate end leading to Jesus. As Jesus is one with the Father, and the Breath between the two is the Holy Spirit, then essentially the Consecration brings a soul to closer union with God in His Three Persons (cf. Catechism 703).

Can anyone participate?

Yes. Though this Consecration journey was created for young people, all are welcome.

Join Personal Consecration

Join us as we spend thirty-three days in prayer, as we consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary.


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