Tending the Garden
Antonio Machado was a Spanish poet who lived from 1875 to 1939. I discovered his work when a friend of mine – a retired bishop who taught me at Notre… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
The Real Presence of Jesus
On the night before he suffered and died, Jesus shared one last meal with his disciples. We remember this meal every time we attend Mass. We remember that, during this… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
The Reader At Mass
Have you ever attended Mass and wondered to yourself if the person reading the Scriptures has ever even seen the words before? This article, by the USCCB, offers reflections on… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
On Serving at the Altar
Being an altar server is an act of prayer, according to Pope Francis. Read more about his comments at the article below. Also included is a reflection on his own… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
Why the Tabernacle?
Should I genuflect in front of the tabernacle? Should I bow? Why do we have a tabernacle anyway? These articles, from Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic Culture, offer some history… Read More
Young People Today
What Are Young People Saying At Synod2018?
On the morning of October 9, 2018, during the 5th General Congregation of the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on young people, the Reports of the… Read More
I have St. Paul on the brain these days. Especially the fifth line of the fifth chapter of Romans. “Hope does not disappoint.” I do not know why I started… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
You Are Needed
By not participating in Sunday Eucharist, we “deprive the body of Christ of one of its members.” This article, by the Liturgy Training Publications, reminds us that everyone has a… Read More
Liturgical Ministries
How Liturgy Unites
The Sacred Liturgy, by its very nature, united a community in solidarity first and foremost to give praise and thanks to the source of our collective being. In a recent… Read More
Great Reads
Young Americans Are The Loneliest
Cigna Health conducted a study recently that concluded young people as a generation are seeking help for loneliness and poor health at a much higher rate than any other age… Read More
Great Reads
Time to Get Serious about Gun Control
In world where the respect for life, property, and one another hold little to no weight in growing number of individuals bent on destruction, what can we, as a church… Read More

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