Safe Enviroment Weekly Update: 5/23/2022

Did you know.. VIRTUS, Protecting God’s Children for Adults is recognized nationally as one of the leading providers of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention training. If a person attended VIRTUS in another Diocese, they may contact the VIRTUS helpdesk to request that their record of training be sent to the Diocese of Bridgeport under their new parish. The Office of Safe Environments will then assign them any updates which are needed including our own criminal background check since background checks do not transfer over. If a person moves to CT from out of state, we send that person a link to the State of CT Department of Children and Family Services Mandated Reporter training since every state has different laws on reporting abuse of a minor and their own contact information. VIRTUS HELPDESK 1-888-847-8870

To report abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult or an incident of child pornography in the Diocese of Bridgeport involving any person from the Church, call DCF at: 1.800.842.2288 and Erin Neil, L.C.S.W. at: 203.650.3265 or Michael Tintrup L.C.S.W. at: 203.241.0987. You may also contact a Third-Party reporting hotline at: or call: 833.990.0004or fill out a written report of abuse or neglect at the following link: