Safe Environment Weekly Update – 3/28/2022

Did you know… Many caring and well-meaning people offer to host parish and school sponsored events with youth or vulnerable adults in their private homes. This can seem like a good idea at the time however, this may lead to blurring of boundaries which must always exist between adults and children in their roles as clergy, seminarians, religious sisters or brother, employees, and volunteers. It is also difficult to track Safe Environment compliance of all adults who live, work or visit a home. Diocesan youth group meetings, school events and religious education programs must take place onsite at a school, parish or diocesan sponsored organization. Off campus day trips must go through a careful review process to ensure that there are enough safe adults present at all times and that all safeguards have been met for travel and for any overnight accommodations. For more information on planning a parish or school trip with minors, see Appendix C on page 47 of the Diocese of Bridgeport Safe Environment Handbook.

To report abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult or an incident of child pornography in the Diocese of Bridgeport involving any person from the Church, call DCF at: 1.800.842.2288 and Erin Neil, L.C.S.W. at: 203.650.3265 or Michael Tintrup L.C.S.W. at: 203.241.0987. You may also contact a Third-Party reporting hotline at: or call: 833.990.0004or fill out a written report of abuse or neglect at the following link: