Welcome to our new look.

The Institute for Catholic Formation’s new look will debut in the next day or so. In the meantime, if you are looking for information on youth ministry, religious education, or marriage prep, please visit the Diocese of Bridgeport website.

If you wish to RSVP for an upcoming Institute event, please email institute@diobpt.org.

About The Institute for Catholic Formation

Through a combination of online learning, face to face workshops, and independent study, the Institute offers creative opportunities for ministry personnel to learn more about the Catholic faith and discover new ways to shape the next generation of disciples in Fairfield County.

In addition, the Institute serves as a clearinghouse for resources for those in ministry and a virtual library for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Catholic faith, regardless of the role one might choose to play in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

About Our Logo

For generations, stained glass has been used in churches around the world to tell
the story of salvation. Inspired by this tradition, the logo for The Institute for
Catholic Formation of the Diocese of Bridgeport embodies the humility and devotion
of its participants. At its center is a gold cross pattée, symbolizing the Christian faith.
This is the same gold found in the Bishop’s mitre on the diocesan coat of arms.
Surrounding the cross are symmetrical shapes colored in our two accent colors,
midnight blue and pale turquoise. These colors express wisdom and stability and
work to bring the cross into full view. The shapes all point towards the cross,
representing that all things lead to Christ. At the same time, four additional gold
shapes extend out from the cross, reminding us of our own mission to spread the
message of the cross and the hope of the Resurrection to the world. The contents
of the logo gather together to form a circle, signifying a unity forged in worship,
love, and community.