Opening Prayer

Loving God, to redeem the world,
you who are almighty
chose to be born as a defenseless Infant;
you who are all-powerful
chose to become one with the poor and the lowly.
Help me to imitate your divine humility:
to empty my heart of all self-centeredness
so that it might always be a place
where you might find a worthy home.
Grant my prayer through Jesus Christ, your Son and my Redeemer. Amen.

Video Reflection for the Family

Nativity 3D Coloring Book

During Advent and Christmas, many Christian families display a Nativity set or crèche. Download the 3D Nativity Coloring Kit and follow along here each week to build the nativity with your children.


Antiphon Reflections For Adults

O Emmanuel by Timothy O’Malley

O Emmanuel, king and lawgiver, desire of the nations, Savior of all people, come and set us free, Lord our God.


Christmas Travels

6th Annual International Crèche Display and Pilgrimage: O Come Let Us Adore Him

A few years ago, the International Crèche Collection was on loan from the Marian Library, International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio, and is on display at the Eck Visitors Center, the Morris Inn, the Coleman-Morse Center, Geddes Hall, and the Main Building



We made a Spotify playlist of gorgeous seasonal music to fill your soul with the reverence of the season.

See the Playlist

Advent Baking

Pan Dulces - Teresa Brignoni

These Mexican sweet buns are great to make during the winter time, especially for Christmas! People love the sugar topping that browns when they bake.

View Recipe

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