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Need something to keep you company while you drive, or just looking to liven up your listening with some great Catholic content? Here are some podcasts and radio stations you can use to keep your mind on living and learning the faith!


Let Me Be Frank – From our own Bishop Caggiano

The Quizzical Papist: Father Brad Doyle of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers two different podcasts under one heading: The Quizzical Papist is Catholic trivia, and in Coffee Talk, Father Doyle offers interviews, catechesis and looks at the intersection of faith and culture

Forte Catholic: “Bringing the joy of the Gospel to you and your crew. Fun discussions and fantastic guests.”

The Crunch: Interesting, thoughtful, entertaining: Two young adult Catholics’ take on Church and life. “The only comedy podcast that gets you to heaven.”

The Catholic Talk Show: “Featuring Ryan DellaCrosse, Ryan Scheel and Father Rich Pagano, the show is hilarious, entertaining and informative.”

Catching Foxes: Two college friends discuss faith and culture. Casual and funny.

The Burrowshire Podcast: Word on Fire’s Brandon Vogt and Father Blake Britton are best friends who share conversations about faith, culture, books and the spiritual life.

The Holy Ruckus: “Everything from faith, entertainment, pop culture, hot takes and more. This is Catholicism lived loud!”

The Father Mike Schmitz Catholic Podcast: A Catholic take on today’s most-discussed issues. Father Mike can always be counted on to tell listeners the truth with the utmost charity and a side of goofy. You’ll be proud to share this podcast with friends.

Thirty Minutes with the Perrys: This dynamic Christian duo of husband and wife excel at poetry jam/spoken-word performance and undiluted life lessons for the under-30 set.

God and Comics: Three priests talk about God and comics. Pretty obvious, right?

A Catholic Priest Talks About: Short explanations of different Catholic topics from … you guessed it: a Catholic priest.

Outcast Catholic: Two Iowa priests reach out to those who feel distant from the Church.

The Coaster: Grab a beverage (thus, “coaster”) and join the hosts each week for some “authentic conversation with people who don’t take themselves too seriously.”

The Catholic Hipster: Tommy Tighe and Sarah Vabulas talk about “the Catholic Faith and anything hipster. They interview some of the big names in Catholic new media about their experiences growing up Catholic and what we can do to attract and educate Catholics.”

Do Something Beautiful: Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Catholic wife, mom and author Leah Darrow is out to inspire both men and women to “do something beautiful” with their lives.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know: Four priests host a “consciously unprofessional” show with “lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.”

Bellator Society: The hosts dub themselves “Warriors for the true, good and beautiful, and this podcast is our conversation about all those things and so much more.”

Three Dogs North: According to the hosts, “Christianity is not something you just sit around and podcast about.”

Pints with Aquinas: Matt Fradd hosts, so come for the Aussie accent, stay for the A-list guests.

This is Jen: Jen Fulwiler, the ever-effervescent wife, mom of six, author, Texan, comedian and former atheist.

The Van Maren Show: “Tries to get a handle on what is really going on in our culture today.”

The Art of Catholic: Join Catholic evangelist Matthew Leonard for “joyful, passionate (and often humorous) explanations of the deep truths of the faith.”

The Catholic Conversation: Steve and Becky Greene “help Catholics faithfully live their vocation by providing Church teaching, navigating moral challenges and exploring current issues.”

Catholic Answers Focus: From the folks at Catholic Answers. For those who “want to take a deep dive into the reasons behind Church teaching.”‘

The Word on Fire Show: — The country’s “media bishop” makes complex issues accessible with a multi-disciplinary Catholic approach and the common touch

Father Spitzer’s Universe: A Q&A podcast hosted by Jesuit ubergeek and sci-guy Father Robert Spitzer.

Way of the Fathers: Mike Aquilina hosts this podcast exploring the Fathers of the Church.

What God Is Not: “A Byzantine podcast about mystery.” Delish.

All Things Catholic with Dr. Edward Sri: Prolific author and theologian Edward Sri gives listeners “insights on understanding and living out the Catholic faith.”

Ask Father Josh: Father Josh Johnson answers “real-life problems” and gives advice about life, faith, morality and relationships. He pulls no punches in this contemporary, wise and wildly popular podcast.

Catholic Bytes: A podcast for busy Catholics. “A short, dynamic podcast delivering talks on various topics about the Catholic faith for people on the go.”

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World: “A fascinating look at ancient mysteries, folk tales, urban legends, crimes, conspiracies and the supernatural from the twin perspectives of faith and reason.”

The Counsel of Trent: Apologist Trent Horn offers “an entertaining, informative and practical explanation of the Catholic faith.” With A-list writers and speakers.

The Catholic Podcast: “Joe Heschmeyer and Jennie Punswick cover all things Catholic: Theology, spirituality, Catholic family life and the state of the Catholic Church today.”

Abiding Together: Sister Miriam James Heidland, Michelle Benzinger and Heather Khym let us listen in on a casual chat on important faith-filled themes. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and help you deepen your relationship with God.

Blessed Is She: “Let’s take a seat at the table next to one another, dive into prayer together, and grow in love as daughters of the King.”

The Feminine Genius: In the spirit of Pope St. John Paul II’s “On the Dignity and Vocation of Women,” Rachel Wong celebrates women of God striving to make the world a better place.

Fountains of Carrots: Two friends — one American, one Canadian — have way too much fun interviewing stellar guests and instilling a love for good books in their listeners.

Just One Small Thing: Women have their own wisdom (every woman has one small piece of the puzzle that is shared on this podcast) and their own path to holiness.


Veritas Catholic Network  – Local Catholic radio

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