An American Tail

This week’s film is an animated classic from the mid-80’s.

After their home in Russia is destroyed, the seven-year-old mouse Fievel and his family board a ship bound for New York City, excited to start a new life in America. But when a storm at sea separates Fievel from his family, he arrives in the city penniless and alone.

Thus begins the little mouse’s adventures. As he tries to reunite with his family, he finds himself exploring the Statue of Liberty, escaping a sweatshop for orphans, and ultimately helping a local movement trying to rid the city of a gang of criminal cats. Meanwhile, his parents don’t believe that their son survived the storm at sea, but his sister refuses to lose hope.

A heartwarming tale complete with a number of catchy songs, this family-friendly film encourages facing challenges with optimism and hope, just as our ancestors may have when immigrating to this young country.

Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Rated G
USCCB rating: A-I
IMDb Parents Guide
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