It’s hundreds of years in the future, and Caleb and his friends live on the moon, their parents working as miners. When Caleb’s father dies, his will stipulates that Caleb be sent to Omega, a distant planet being colonized. But that means he’ll have to spend decades in “hypersleep” and never see his friends again.

So to make their last days together meaningful, Caleb and his friends decide to sneak away in a moon rover and visit a mysterious crater his father had told him about years ago. In doing so, they’ll find the opportunity to reflect and come to terms with their individual struggles while trying to delay having to say goodbye. Of course they’ll face other challenges too, such as almost running out of oxygen and racing against a deadly meteor shower.

The film offers a family-friendly adventure that ultimately celebrates the value of true friendship, and is rated PG.

Runtime: 1 hour, 45 minutes
Rated PG
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