Instant Family

We have been wanting to watch this movie for some time. We never got around to going to the theater (since that requires saving up) and we have been waiting for the cost of rental and/or purchase to come down. 

The rental rate last weekend was $5.99 and purchasing it was only a few dollars more. So we took the risk and bought the movie. 

What a great choice. This is one of those films that we are likely to watch over and over again. The message is powerful, poignant, and true. Though adoption is not part of my children’s story, it does hit close to home to my own family of origin. 

The film is based on the true story of the director’s life and the choice he and his wife made to adopt not one, but three children – at the same time. They were made aware of the need and took the chance on an instant family. 

The movie depicts the family as a little older and throws a teenage girl into the mix just for fun. She is moody, difficult, and hurt. She misses her mother and yet has become the caregiver for her own little brother and sister. 

When the adoptive parents come on the scene, there is an offering of love from them and skepticism from the children. The parents miss their old lives and, at the same time, know that any relationship rooted in love requires commitment. 

There are laughs aplenty, some mature humor, and some really powerful lessons about what families are all about – sacrifice, selflessness, and love. 

If you have children who are adopted, you may want to watch the movie first to make sure you understand the premise. If you don’t, and your kids are about 11 and older, trust me. You will enjoy this story of perseverance. 


Rated PG-13
Runtime: 120 minutes
81% on Rotton Tomatoes
IMDB Parent Guide
Official Site – (it’s not just a movie)