The Mighty Macs

Even though our team (Notre Dame) came really, really close to winning the NCAA Women’s Championship, we opted for a basketball movie anyway. 

The Mighty Macs is a true story about how one woman’s drive to make a group of college girls play like a team changed the face of the NCAA basketball season – and the lives of many young women. It is not just another feel-good basketball film; rather it is a glimpse of what life was like for young women coming of age in the early 1970s. 

Let your family experience Coach Cathy Rush, as she challenges one of the young women to look at herself in the mirror and see what she is really worth – so much more than what others might see. Therein lies the challenge of the movie and of our work with young people: as parents and teachers, we must help them see that they are worth so much more than they might be inclined to believe. 

A clean, fun movie the whole family can enjoy. 

Even if your team doesn’t win.

Runtime: 99 min
Rated G