Penguin Bloom

After a terrible accident leaves the young mother Sam Bloom (Naomi Watts) paralyzed from the waist down, she and her family struggle to adapt to new routines. Sam is especially devastated to realize she cannot care for her children like she did before, no longer able to run to their side when they need help. Having been an avid surfer and a lover of nature, she’s also saddened and worried that she’ll never be able to enjoy the outdoors again. With such a sudden and dramatic change to her life, Sam feels hopeless.

The family dynamics begin to change when her oldest son brings an injured bird into the house, a baby magpie that had somehow fallen from its nest and been abandoned. Naming the bird “Penguin”, her son insists on caring for it until it can fend for itself. As the growing bird joins the family, Sam finds herself encouraged by the bird’s natural perseverance, and her perspectives on her own situation begin to change.

Based on a true story, Penguin Bloom deals with an emotionally difficult scenario, but shows us that God’s many wondrous creations are always close by and eager to remind us that there is always hope.

(While the film is family friendly, scenes of the accident that paralyzes Sam may be distressing for younger viewers.)

Runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Rated TV-14 (US) / PG (UK)
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