Here’s a modern classic from Pixar.

Remy is a rat who has a love for delicious food and an obsession with cooking. But his rat family doesn’t care about his interests, nor do humans, who find rats dirty and repulsive. Remy finally has a chance to pursue his passion for cooking when he secretly teams up with a human who is desperate for a job at a restaurant, with the odd but comedic discovery that the rat can control the human like a puppet by pulling on his hair.

But as Remy’s abilities begin to attract attention through the human, Remy starts to resent being stuck under the hat of someone who doesn’t seem to care all that much about food, especially when they learn that the famous and arrogant food critic Anton Ego is planning a visit, and whose resulting review may make or break the restaurant.

Full of physical comedy, this family-friendly film also deftly explores the balances needed when art and passion are tempted by fame and pride. Viewers may note that while the conceited food critic obviously needs some fresh perspective, each and every major character, even Remy, must battle some aspect of their ego.

Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Rated G
USCCB rating: A-I
96% on Rotten Tomatoes
IMDb Parents Guide