Shrek 2

It was back to the archives this weekend as no one could settle on a movie and the children are all in the musical, Shrek, at school. 

So we used Netflix to watch Shrek 2 and laughed our way through the evening. 

Shrek and Fiona are home from their honeymoon, having taken care of the king (the dragon ate him in the initial installment), the happy couple have to deal with another royal family – Fiona’s parents. 

It seems they do not know that Fiona chose to be an ogre – or rather the ogre-ness chose her – and the folks have only heard that the daughter is married. My kids were concerned that the parents hadn’t made it to the wedding, but this is animation we are talking about, so some suspension of disbelief is required. 

Fiona’s father is unhappy and concocts a plan to move Shrek out and move the fairy godmothers son, Prince Charming, in. 

Hilarity ensues. There are many jokes for the children and some innuendo for the adults, but it’s a cute movie that will keep you entertained (every parent can relate to Donkey’s constant, “Are we there yet…”) Plus, there are lessons of sacrifice and self worth throughout the film.

Enjoy the show.

Rated PG (for some crude humor, a brief substance reference and some suggestive content)
89% on Rotten Tomatoes
Runtime: 1hr 33min
IMDb Parents Guide