Meet The Robinsons

Every once in a while, we choose a movie from ones we own already and Friday night was one of those nights. Nearly everyone agreed that Meet The Robinsons fit our mood. So arguments were avoided and we all sat down to watch a family favorite.

Meet The Robinsons is all about Lewis, an orphan who longs to be adopted. He’s a genius and his intellect is often lost on potential adoptive parents. Along the way, he meets a stranger, Wilbur Robinson, who introduces him to a family like no other. The story that follows is one of love, acceptance, and perseverance. Though kids who have experienced adoption might feel differently about the movie, my children love that Lewis is taught to be the best he can be – just as God made him. The movie speaks to everyone on the challenge we face in keeping the faith when hope seems lost.

It was not a box office hit, but it is a favorite in our family. The eccentric family Lewis meets turns out to be something of a surprise and Lewis finds himself longing to grow up and yet, he learns to enjoy the present moment. For me, the message it gives my children is that, despite all the obstacles we face growing up, it turns out alright in the end – as long as you keep moving forward.

Runtime 95 minutes
Rated G
67% on Rotten Tomatoes
IMDB Parents Guide