The Christmas Chronicles

The young Katie and her teenage brother Ted are having a rough holiday season. They’ve grown apart with age, and their family is about to celebrate their first Christmas without their father, who recently passed away. Still, Katie is able to blackmail Ted into helping her stay up late to catch Santa (Kurt Russell) on camera. To Ted’s surprise, they not only manage to catch sight of the big red man, but they also manage to crash his sleigh and frighten away his reindeer.

Now to save Christmas, Katie, Ted, and Santa will have to work together to find the reindeer and fix the sleigh, a difficult task when hardly anyone else in town is willing to believe in Santa. To make matters worse, with Santa temporarily out of commission, Christmas spirit (the source of Santa’s magic) is dropping rapidly. If they don’t hurry, Christmas will be ruined for a lot more children than just Katie and Ted.

The Christmas Chronicles offers a whimsical fantastical adventure while affirming the importance of family, the power of believing in yourself, and the magic of children’s simple faith that all too often fades away with age. The film is rated PG for mild action/violence and brief language.

The Christmas Chronicles is currently streaming on Netflix.

Runtime: 1 hour, 44 minutes
Rated PG
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