The Nativity Story

“He is for all mankind.”

With Christmas Day less than a week away, this week’s film is a change of pace from the past few weeks’ comedies, as we remind ourselves of the very essence of the holiday.

Reverently dramatizing the well-known story of Christ’s birth, the film follows Mary as she’s betrothed to Joseph, is visited by the angel Gabriel, visits her cousin Elizabeth, and finally sets out to Bethlehem with her husband by her side and a child in her womb. Meanwhile, three wise men set out on a journey of their own, while the fearful King Herod seeks to thwart any potential threat to his power.

Though the story of course holds no surprises, it offers viewers an inspiring chance to spiritually reflect on the profound and miraculous gift God has given us through Jesus. As the shepherds and wise men gather around the newly-born Jesus, we are reminded that the Lord’s birth was not an intimate and private gift for a lucky few, but a gift for all mankind!

(The film is rated PG, but does include some mild violence.)

Runtime: 1 hour, 41 minutes
Rated PG
USCCB rating: A-I
IMDb Parents Guide
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