The NeverEnding Story

This classic fantasy film from the 80s follows the bullied boy Bastion who begins reading a strange book about a warrior who battles the spread of “The Nothing” which is destroying the fantastical world of Fantasia. But what seems to be merely a book becomes much more, as Bastion slowly realizes the book somehow knows of its reader’s existence.

Is the world of Fantasia a mere fantasy world in a book? Or, because the book’s reader must bring the story to life in his imagination, is Bastion himself actually part of every page?

Based on the novel by Michael Ende, The NeverEnding Story explores the human mind’s unique power of imagination, but also its potential battle with despair, a “nothingness” which can devour everything. While perhaps only serving as a fun adventure for kids, older viewers may glimpse some deeper themes about the nature of creativity, the value of hope, and the mysterious wonder of trying to know one’s true self.

Runtime: 102 minutes
Rated PG
80% on Rotten Tomatoes
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