For this week’s movie, we enter a world of pirates, flying, and fairies. This week, we turn to Hook. 

This 1991 movie follows adult Peter Pan (that’s right, adult) as he travels back to Neverland for the first time since marrying and having children. And while things have changed for Peter, in Neverland, things are much the same: Hook and his friends still reign over the seas, Tinkerbell still helps the lost boys, and time still stands. 

When Hook kidnaps Peter’s children, he has to return to a part of himself he had long said goodbye to in order to get them back. He has to abandon his grown up inhibitions. He has to learn to fly again!

Hook is full of spirit, heart, and fun, and it’s a good time for the whole family!

Runtime: 142 minutes
Rating PG
IMDb Parents Guide