Finding Nemo

Today we dive deep. Deep into the ocean, that is, as we explore the Australian reef with Marlin and Dory. 

Today’s film is Finding Nemo, a Disney Pixar classic. When Marlin’s only son, Nemo, is kidnapped by divers, Marlin and his new friend Dory go on a wild adventure to find him. They befriend (and battle) sharks, navigate a maze of jellyfish, and encounter many more ocean friends along the way.

Meanwhile, Nemo is navigating his kidnapping his own way, testing his bravery and bonds with his new friends in an effort to return to his father. 

Finding Nemo is both lighthearted and not as it juggles jokes and wit with serious topics; never giving up and the strength of family and unlikely friendship.  

So gather your family and friends and enjoy this film that’s fun for everyone.

Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating G
99% on Rotten Tomatoes
IMDb Parents Guide