Safe Environment Weekly Update – 4/11/2022

Hope is rising and Easter is the sign of new life for all. We are called to be ambassadors of hope and healing. Did you know children of abuse long… Read More

Safe Environment Weekly Update – 4/4/2022

April is Child abuse prevention month. We encourage everyone to listen to an upcoming podcast with Bishop Caggiano and guest Peggy Fry who is a survivor of child sexual abuse… Read More

Safe Environment Weekly Update – 3/28/2022

Did you know… Many caring and well-meaning people offer to host parish and school sponsored events with youth or vulnerable adults in their private homes. This can seem like a… Read More

Safe Environment Weekly Update – 3/21/2022

Did you know… Our parishes plan ahead each year in order to ensure that every sponsored activity, meeting and event is in full compliance with Safe Environments. A common question… Read More

Safe Environment Weekly Update – 3/14/2022

Did you know…..The Diocese of Bridgeport policies and procedures for protecting children, youth and vulnerable adults goes beyond the requirements established by the U.S.C.C.B. Charter for the Protection of Children… Read More

Talking to Young People About Ukraine

If your young people have heard about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they might be feeling anxious. For many, this is the first experience of watching a war unfold on… Read More

Summary of the 2020/2021 Annual Report on the Charter

Every year the USCCB Office of Child and Youth Protection compiles a report on progress made in US Dioceses on the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children… Read More

Get your free CRS Rice Bowl materials for Lent

Dear Friends, Each Lent, Catholic families across the country unite to put their faith into action through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Through participation in the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Rice Bowl… Read More

How to start a Catholic Moms Group at your parish

Are there many amazing Catholic moms at your parish but no central place to gather and form community? Discover a new membership portal for Catholic Moms Group leaders! It includes… Read More

Lenten Resources

  This Lent, why not let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with a plethora of resources from across the web to make your Lenten load a little… Read More

Safe Environment Weekly Update – February 1, 2022

Each week the Office of Safe Environments will post a frequently asked question or tip on the topic of child safety, abuse prevention, VIRTUS training, mandatory reporting, criminal background checks, victim assistance, vulnerable adults and information from our Safe… Read More