Encounter and Accompaniment

My Dear Friends, For many weeks, you have heard me talk about the primary components of The One: encounter and accompaniment. A deep relationship with the person of Jesus Christ… Read More

10. Becoming Eucharistic People

The One initiative is the beginning of a Eucharistic revival in the Church, where all baptized Catholics are invited to enter into the mystery of the Eucharist and evangelize the… Read More

9. The Art of Accompaniment

Bishop Caggiano addresses the trend of people claiming to be spiritual but not religious, emphasizing the importance of community in one’s faith journey. He invites us to accompany each other… Read More

8. What does it mean to Encounter Christ through Goodness?

Bishop Caggiano discusses the importance of actively practicing acts of goodness and mercy for the benefit of oneself and others to build a strong relationship with Christ.   Learn More … Read More

7. What does it mean to Encounter Christ through Beauty?

The gift of wonder and awe is a movement of the heart that allows us to encounter God through moments of beauty. Through various opportunities and activities, we can explore… Read More

6. What does it mean to Encounter Christ though Truth?

The truth is more than just knowing facts; it is an encounter with Christ. By providing various opportunities for learning and formation, The One strives to help people encounter the… Read More

5. An invitation to being surprised by God

Bishop Caggiano gives examples of how this invitation might manifest itself in the form of self-discovery and unexpected experiences, posing the question of whether or not we are willing to… Read More

4. No one is left behind

Bishop Caggiano reflects on the difference between simply meeting someone and encountering them, highlighting the transformative power of encountering Jesus and encouraging us to allow him into our hearts.  … Read More

3. Encountering Christ in Love

Just as falling in love with someone changes everything, encountering Jesus deepens our desire to know, spend time with, serve, and have countless encounters with him, and to invite others… Read More

2. An Invitation to Encounter Christ

The One is an invitation to encounter Christ in our moments of suffering, doubt, and woundedness. It is not limited to those whose lives are put together, but is for… Read More

1. What is the One

In this initial video, Bishop Caggiano gives an introduction to the vision he calls The One, an invitation to come face to face with the Lord Jesus, to know, love,… Read More