Show Us How to Pray by Marlane Tubridy
Have you heard Show Us How to Pray by Marlane Tubridy? “When you pray, call on Me. I see your heart. I know your needs.” A joyous upbeat prayer to… Read More
Seasonal Resources
Advent Resources 2023
To help you and your families celebrate Advent well this year, we have put together the best resources we could find. We even categorized for an easy search. We are… Read More
Safe Environment
Protect Your Children Online with 'Into the Cloud' - Spanish
“Into the Cloud” es el producto de seguridad en línea del programa NetSmartz del Centro Nacional para Niños Desaparecidos y Explotados para niños de 10 años o menos. Utilizando datos… Read More
Safe Environment
Protect Your Children Online with 'Into the Cloud' - English
“Into the Cloud” is an innovative online resource designed to empower children, families, and educators with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. In… Read More
Seasonal Resources
Word of God Sunday
Pope Francis has issued an apostolic letter entitled “Aperuit Illis,” instituting the “Sunday of the Word of God” for all dioceses and churches throughout the world. “I hereby declare that the… Read More
Young People Today
Examination of Conscience
In the past few weeks, a couple of parishes have realized that the resources they “have always used” might be out of touch with today’s reality of loneliness, anxiety, sexual… Read More
True Love That Lasts - Resources for Newly Married Couples
What if you could grow the enjoyment and love between you and your spouse by asking one simple question each day? Join the True Love That Lasts Movement and enjoy… Read More
Are Couples That Live Together Before Marriage More Likely to Divorce?
In the 1970s, only a tiny fraction of the U.S. population—less than half a percentage (0.2%)—lived as cohabitating romantic partners at any given time. Today, that number is about 15%… Read More
Is Cohabitation Still Linked to Greater Odds of Divorce?
You might think the question about the link between premarital cohabitation and divorce would have been settled long ago, but researchers have puzzled about it for decades and the puzzling… Read More
A religious upbringing may reduce divorce risk — but probably not for the reason you think
Religious couples who marry young seem to buck the traditional wisdom that young marriages are nearly doomed to end in divorce. Some research finds marriages are more likely to last… Read More
Protecting God's Children
Safe Enviroment Weekly Update: 11/13/2022
  To report abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult or an incident of child pornography in the Diocese of Bridgeport involving any person from the Church, call DCF at: 1.800.842.2288 and Erin Neil, L.C.S.W.… Read More

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