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Young Americans Are The Loneliest
Cigna Health conducted a study recently that concluded young people as a generation are seeking help for loneliness and poor health at a much higher rate than any other age… Read More
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Time to Get Serious about Gun Control
In world where the respect for life, property, and one another hold little to no weight in growing number of individuals bent on destruction, what can we, as a church… Read More
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The Story Behind ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’
“The Story Behind ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’” by Charlotte Allen provides interesting and factual look at the film’s portrayal of Paul compared to how he is seen in history.
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Start With Why Summary: Entrepreneurship & Business
Start With Why is Simon Sinek’s mission to help others do work, which inspires them, and uses real-world examples of great leaders to show you how they communicate and how… Read More
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A Catechist Conversation
“A Catechist Conversation” presented by Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano.
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Arrested Development
An interesting trend among younger generations, particularly Generation Z, is a slowed rate of development when compared to previous generations. Surveys show many teens reach certain milestones later in life… Read More
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Great Reads: Our Minds Can Be Hijacked
Social media has made the race to of attention seekers vying for the consciousness and approval of followers an addiction similar to substance abuse. Many of the people that created… Read More
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How The Smartphone Affected An Entire Generation of Kids
This article by Jean Twenge, discusses the recent phenomena found in the post-millennial generation, iGen. While the iGen generation is safer than previous generations, kids growing up in the iGen… Read More
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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
In this article from the Atlantic, Jean Twenge, author of the book iGen, discusses the implications of youth growing up in a generation that is obsessed with iPhones and iPads.… Read More
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Official Institute Prayer Released
The official prayer of The Leadership Institute has been promulgated by Bishop Frank Caggiano and will be distributed for the first time at the Institute’s launch on Wednesday, January 11,… Read More

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