Soul Surfer

Gather your tissues, this movie is an emotional one. Soul Surfer tells the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer from Hawaii who, one day, is seriously injured due to a shark attack. Said shark attack causes Bethany to lose her arm and, it seems, her ability to surf.

The inspirational aspects of this film are many. Bethany’s family rallies around her with love and support. Bethany’s church community never strays, their prayers constant and unfaltering. And Bethany’s own tenacious spirit soon has her returning to the ocean, creating new methods to do old moves, and even competing. 

While this is a movie that involves a tragic event, it is about so much more. There’s a reason it’s called Soul Surfer. It is not about one event that happens, but about the resilience, spirituality, and strength of Bethany and those around her. It is about the strength that family, love, community, and God can and does instill in all of us. 

Give this movie a watch. Hug your family close. And then plan that summer beach trip. 

Runtime: 112 minutes
Rated PG (for an intense accident sequence and some thematic material)
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