The Good Dinosaur

This week’s film is a more light-hearted adventure taking place in a comedic alternate reality in which dinosaurs never went extinct and have evolved human-level intelligence, while humans remain more primitive.

Arlo, a young dinosaur, is not like his siblings. His brother is strong and willful, while his sister is clever and resourceful. Arlo, in stark contrast, is nervous and timid, which he’s ashamed of, even more so after his father’s sudden death.

Determined to prove his worth to both his family and himself, he decides to capture a caveboy (a non-talking human who behaves more like an animal) who’s been stealing the family’s food. But he soon finds himself lost and alone after falling in a river and being carried miles downstream.

Well, not quite alone. The caveboy, alone himself but used to surviving in the wild, seems willing to stick around and help Arlo, if the two can learn to get along. As Arlo sets out to find his way home, little does he realize just how much the journey will change him.

While mostly a fun family-friendly adventure, the film story does have its moments of sorrow and struggle, reminding us of the challenges everyone is bound to face at some point in life. But, as Arlo learns, friendship, hope, and love can give us the courage to face any battle.

Runtime: 1 hour, 33 minutes
Rated PG
USCCB rating: A-I
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