The Rosa Parks Story

Growing up in the racially segregated Alabama, the young Rosa McCauley does not take for granted that she or her family and friends are somehow inferior to others; she knows she is equal, as affirmed by the teachers in her Quaker-run school.

Reaching adulthood and marrying Raymond Parks, she begins challenging the injustice she faces, soon joining the local branch of the NAACP. But the volunteer work puts a strain on her marriage, as her husband continually fears for her safety. Still, he knows he can’t stop her, and her efforts ultimately lead her to becoming the iconic figure in the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, a pivotal event in the civil rights movement.

Though the film does use some artistic license and simplifies some history, this only helps make the story understandable to young audiences, and helps frame the story’s main theme, reflected in the teachings of Christ, that we are all children of God and are called to love and treat each other with equal dignity. The film is rated PG, but does include some minor language, including racial epithets, and brief frightening images.

Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Rated TV-PG
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